Our Mission

In 2016 I woke up in a hospital bed. A doctor walked in and told me I would never walk again. I crashed on my motocross bike and broke my back in 4 places. I had internal bleeding in my back – internal bleeding in my hips – internal bleeding in my neck. And I was paralyzed from the waist down.
For 30 years I have pushed the limits. I’m adrenaline junkie who loves action sports. And the only thing I want… is to get more life out of my body so I can keep living life to the extreme.

After breaking my back I was told by three doctors I would never walk again… but I beat the odds… I willed myself through the pain… and recovered.

It took me eight months of rehab – but I can walk again. And I’m proud to say I’m back racing motocross… skiing… wake
boarding… surfing… and pushing the limits.

But – after years of injuries my body is breaking down and slowing down. Now my biggest fear is not being able to do the sports I love.

And if you’re anything like me you’re not a fan of pharmaceutical drugs… and quitting the sports you love sounds like an early death sentence

Well – I never go down without a fight so over the past few years I’ve been on a mission. A mission to figure out how to keep my body running full tilt so I can keep doing the sports I love and get the most out of my life.

Well – to get the most out of life you need to keep your body performing optimally… slow down the aging decline… recover faster… and keep the injuries at bay.

And to find the solutions…

I’ve teamed up with doctors – professional motocross racers – professional
cyclist – Mountain bikers – X-games athletes and retired pros to figure out
exactly how to keep your body performing longer.

Well – together we’ve developed a perfect line of CBD products specific for action sport

Our CBD line is formulated by science… backed by doctors… and tested and proven by professionals and amateurs.

We start with the highest quality ingredients and focus on pure potent products. You deserve a safe and effective holistic health solution.

All of our products are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. Our facilities are FDA registered and follow all GMP processes and guidelines.
Plus – all of our CBD products are 3rd party tested for purity and potency. So when you use Cell Sauce CBD you can be certain you’re getting the highest quality ingredients that are safe and effective.

Look – our team of experts understand your happy place is on the track… in the mountains… on the trail… in the water… and doing the sports you love. And that’s why were constantly innovating the best solutions to keep your body moving and feeling good.

We look forward to helping you take full advantage of the life you have. Together we can keep your body thriving.